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Are you a Coal Cracker/Hick/White Trash?

About Hicks

About Hicks
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This is the page where I will describe about Hicks.


To be a hick you must be/have/like :
* Like Hunting
* Have a furry body.
* Like Christian Rock, and Country.
* rudely burp in any situation no matter what
* Walk around in your Under-garments because it's "your house"
* answer the door in your under-garments
* Fart to piss people off
* Take really long shits.
* Eat alot
* Religiously watch wrestling.
* Have NO manners what so ever.
* Have a beard and long hair, to match your furry body.
* Like to gamble
* Like to drink
* Obnoxiously retarted when drunk
* Like George W. Bush
* Have a "beer belly"
* Have less teeth than your 4 year old neice
* Not know how to work technology except the TV, and the Raido/Stereo, maybe a playstaion here and there

Hicks most likely developed from the south.  Another word for Hicks is Hill Billy.  The south contains alot of George Bush hill billy Hicks.  Hilly Billy's have poor gramer and talking skills, and usually aren't very smart. 

this is just sample


Hill Billies like suspenders and have weird teeth, they usually live on farms.

Hick Favorite Movies/shows

anything that has action or violence.  Or hill billies beating hill billies up, like wrestling.  and they only like racing as a sport, some times football.

Hick Favorite Bands:

God Smack
Natural Dizasterz
Alice in chains
a/c d/c
Charlie Daniles
Lynard Skynard

Typicall Hick, passed out on the couch,
with his mouth open and mud on his pants.

Notice the furry body, and furry face.

Deadicated to Carbon County, and all it's residents, Especially dedicated to all the Coal Cracker/Hick/White Trash persons out there..