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Are you a Coal Cracker/Hick/White Trash?

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To be White Trash you must have/like/be:
* You most likely have Hairy Arm Pits no exceuses.
* Guys Have to wear short shorts.
* God is Wal*Mart
* Like to fix cars
* Girls always wear bright red lipstick and whorey blue eye shadow
* No such thing as a phone
* Have to have some kind of teeth problem
* Love Flannels
* Teeth look like most British people's.
* You most likely have Hairy Legs unless the hair got burnt off in some freak accident
* You usually have a Mullet
* You must have greasy hair
* You must wear tight pants
* You have to be smelly
* You have to own one pair of boots
* You must own a truck
* They beat their wives/g.fs and then the girls fight back and kick the shit out of them.
* You have to love Monster Trucks
* You never match
* Plaid is consided you fav color
* You gotta love beer and getting drunk
* You got to be on some kind of drug
* And you are most likely to end up in the Jerry Springer show

Favorite hair style is a mullet,  hate to take showers.  Love to wear black jeans.  Proud to be White Trash, hates poser white trashers. 

Favorite White Trash Movies/Shows:
Don't like Movies or TV shows.
Favorite White Trash Bands:
mostly classic rock like:
Have to Head Bang.
* Pink Floyd
* Led Zepplin
* Tom Petty
* Alice Cooper
* Lynard Skynard
* Motly Crew
* Skid Row

Female White Trash
notice the bright red lipstick and the blue eye shadow

Male White Trash
Notice the mullet and the flannel

Deadicated to Carbon County, and all it's residents, Especially dedicated to all the Coal Cracker/Hick/White Trash persons out there..